Security Management

Security Management


As corporate networks, data centers, and the security infrastructure that protects them continue to grow in size and complexity, so does the security policy and lack of accuracy. Manually managing complex security polices across devices and operations teams to address business requirements, as well as security and compliance needs, has become inefficient and error-prone. This usually results in increase in operational expenses, unnecessary risks and the inability of security and operations teams .



Laindigo offers an integrated management solution to address all the requirements for enterprise security management in multi-vendor environments. Softwares and solutions offered, provide powerful visbility over all security policies and configurations deployed based on existing vulnerability management system over all security devices and softwares. In addition, these products simplify change management process and automation to ensure optimization, security and compliance.


Laindigo Specific Services:

Laindigo provides a full cycle of services from assessing customer system and environment to deploy, tune, train and support.