Forensics and Incident Management


There are countless ways malicious people can use a computer to perform illegal activity—hacking into systems, leaking secrets, unleashing new viruses, steal personal information, and so on. For the sake of security breach, it’s absolutely vital that digital evidence be properly preserved and analysed by skilled digital forensic specialists.



By “Forensics and Incident Management” solutions, Laindigo provides an entire quite of investigative tools necessary to conduct digital investigations smarter, faster and more effectively. The main goal of this solution is the initial analysis to identify what has occurred and to categorize the incidents, so that appropriate next steps can be determined. “Forensics and Incident Management” solution helps organization to effectively respond to threat events and mitigate negative impacts to business operations and stakeholder value.

Laindigo Specific Services:

Laindigo provides a full cycle (see Figure 1) of services from assessing customer system and environment to deploy, tune, train and support.