About us

LaIndigo Profile

LaIndigo started as an IT Consultant and Support company. Our focus was helping bigger companies in the private sector to design data centers, with the entire process from business requirements, LOM, to the support.

Later we added IT security, e-banking, Smart City services to our mission. Today we are a force in the IT market, and our customers depend on our knowledge in their new solutions, upgrade and support issues.


Data Center

LaIndigo is using world’s most famous quality brands such as HPE, EMC and Cisco to tailor customize solutions based on a documented set of business requirements.

Our focus is mainly on enterprise market in this area and we have had experiences with multi-sites solutions.



LaIndigo from its very beginning was active and successful with network solutions and services. Other than our core knowledge of the highest degree in this area, due to our strong supply chain, we have had good traction with many customers in this area.


Smart City

LaIndigo is now involved in the latest trend in this technology market. Smart city, with its many exciting areas which directly changes citizens comfort in using public services, is now getting more and more attention from mega city governing bodies such as Tehran, and Mashhad municipality.



Information Security is one of the core competencies in LaIndigo . We are not only equipped with a powerful lab with the capability of demoing many latest tools in the information security arena, but also we have provide POC solutions to our customers on demand basis.Our focus is mainly on enterprise market in this area and we have had experiences  with many successful and complicated projects including SOC.