Log Management and Analysis

 Log Management and Analysis


The purpose of IT security is to be proactive about people who attempts to compromise the network. Being proactive is not quite enough and you need to be able to detect the actual breaches as they are being attempted. This is where log data really help. Logs are important but the question is how to deal with challenges such as manage and maintain overwhelming flood of logs, analyzing massive volume of them, week long manual investigations, false positives, understanding different log formats, regulatory and compliance requirements.



To really understand what is going on in your IT infraustructure, you need the ability to read, translate, and understand the wide variety of logs generated by the information stream. Laindigo offers “Log Management and Analysis” solution to helps organizations to deal with log challenges. Through Log Management solution, organizations will be able to unify collection, storage, log analysis and machine data from any device, vendor and sources. Rules and reports enable monitoring, alerting, and forensic investigation of security events to identify and be aware of any suspicious behavior patterns on your own network.


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