Data Security

Data Security


Data is a precious thing, so it needs to be protected in a best way possible. Three important reasons to make data security a priority for your business are, reputation, costly rebounding and vastly increasing of threats. Given this fact that your clients or customers depend on you to keep their business/personal data safe, makes your burden even heavier.



Since data can be compromised in many ways, the best security against misuse or theft involves a combination of technical measures, physical security and a well educated staff. Therefore, Laindigo offers “Data Security” solution to lessen your risk of a data breach. “Data Security” solutions include “Database Activity Monitoring”, “Data Loss Prevention” and “Data Encryption” steps. With these solutions your organization will be able to monitor transactions and activities on databases, enfoce data security policies and encrypt sensitive data (even in the storage).


Laindigo Specific Services:

Laindigo provides a full cycle of services from assessing customer system and environment to deploy, tune, train and support.